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Wind energy is one of the fastest growing types of renewable energy. Recent advances in wind technology have made wind energy feasible and economically viable.

The earth's wind potential is inexhaustible, and wind farms can be developed both onshore and offshore. Wind is an excellent form of supplemental clean power, and must be more fully utilized in order to reach global targets for offsetting and minimizing carbon emissions. Walam Energy is exploring potential projects in all of its regions of practice.

WalAm Energy is a proactive champion of renewable energy. It is our mandate to explore all possibilities for sustainable and value-based load investment, including wind power. At this time, we are focusing our efforts on establishing geothermal and run-of-the-river projects. We are continuing our research for ideal sites for investment as well as coordinating our portfolio to include wind power as an supplement to current geothermal or run-of-the-river opportunities.

British Columbia

Within in our area of interest in British Columbia, WalAm has identified a wind farm project. The Wind Atlas indicates 150 MW or more of wind power output potential. Further work will be carried out along with the evaluation of the existing run of river and geothermal potential of the area.


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