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Presented here is an overall comparison of the most common types of conventional and renewable Energies:


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About Renewables

Discover the value and healthy return on investment with Renewable Energy

Geothermal – harnessing the earth’s heat to create sustainable energy.

Run-of-the-River – Alternative energy that captures energy through this low impact energy source.

Wind – The clean, natural source of energy all across the world.


Geothermal occupies .3% of the worldwide energy use and is used in over 70 countries. Approximately 11 GW of electricity is generated worldwide.

Run-of-the-River and hydroelectric power produces 20% of the world’s energy. Current capacity is estimated at over 860 GW, the majority from large plants and the remainder from smaller installations.

Wind Power - Worldwide wind farm capacity reaches about 215,000 MW, representing an increase of 23 percent during the year and wind power supplied some 3% of global electricity demand.

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