Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities

WalAm Energy, with its portfolio of renewable energy projects, creates investment opportunities to achieve above average returns. The goal is to capture emerging opportunities in the green energy sector with prudent investment, joint venture and strategic alliances to build value for all investors and benefit the environment.

WalAm Investment Advantages:

Private Equity Investors:

WalAm offers a very exciting opportunity for individual investors seeking responsible investment with a high return potential. Early stage Private Equity investments generally precede the Brokerage houses by creating seed capital and eventually benefiting from an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Joint Venture:

WalAm presents excellent opportunity for JV partners to provide financial support for developing projects with the ability to earn and own a negotiated percentage of the project(s).

Power Partner:

WalAm will welcome potential Power Partners to joint venture and eventually participate as an Operating Partner in field and plant development and operations.

Banking Institutions:

A solid project with an experienced management and operational team is what Banking Institutions seek out for financing. A green energy project is an added benefit for their loan portfolios. WalAm's entire portfolio consists of green projects and WalAm has solid business plans and the skilled personnel to successfully complete a project, create value and pay off its lenders. WalAm presents this opportunity.

Brokerage Houses:

WalAm, as a start-up, is involved in green, renewable, power projects which traditionally provide very good investment opportunities for Brokerage Houses. Working with the company at an early stage, the brokerage assists in planning and preparation for an IPO of the investment vehicle and becomes the lead financing company. WalAm will provide opportunities for an excellent high return expected for early investors.



WalAm Energy has obtained exclusive right and license to explore, exploit, develop and produce geothermal power at Suswa, Kenya for a period of 30 years with two additional five year options
Licence issued September 3, 2007 to WalAm Energy Inc.
Size of Suswa Field is 144 km2
Right to generate power and to sell power to the Kenya public utility at commercial tariff (power rate)

GeothermEx Independent Resource Report Conclusion – Suswa Geothermal Project
Capable of generating 20 to 200 MW
90% probability of 75 MW generating capacity
50% probability of 190 MW generating capacity
Reservoir temperature – minimum 240 deg C to 300 deg C
Projected reservoir depth of 2100m (Vertical)

Suswa Geothermal Project - Economics
75 MW with opportunity to scale up to potentially 200 MW
Wells, steam field and plant cycle development to commence in Q1 2012
Early Power Generation and early cash flow potential
75 MW Plant Commissioning projected for 2016
Projected CapEx of $341 M
Power rate of US $0.085/kWh
Rate increases for inflation based on US CPI
Rate increases if CapEx higher than anticipated
Projected 18.5% IRR After Tax
Gross Annual Revenues of US$52.5 M

WalAm's Portfolio of Projects

Tanzania – 20 MW Run of River project; existing feasibility study at update stage
Tanzania – Geothermal project potential
British Columbia – 100 MW Run of River potential
British Columbia – 150 MW Wind potential
British Columbia – Geothermal prospect (to be explored)

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Suswa Project Capabilities

20 MW to 200 MWe,
90% probability of developing 75 MWe,
50% probability of developing 190 MWe.

Reservoir temperature
Minimum 240 oC to 300 oC +

Projected reservoir depth


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