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Harnessing Earth’s Natural Resources

WalAm Energy Inc. is a renewable energy company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. WalAm is working with power utilities, industries and governments to build a viable, sustainable and value-based global energy portfolio focusing primarily on Geothermal, Run-of-the-River, and Wind Power generation projects.

Whether you are part of the general public, a Private Investor, a Venture Capital Company, a Banking Institution, a Brokerage House or even a Power Utility, WalAm Energy invites you to browse our website and Contact Us.

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Read more about our company initiatives, and download our most recent White Paper about Geothermal Energy by Tom Drolet, BESc, MSc, WalAm's Power Sector Consultant.
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ('ESIA') completed on October 13, 2011.

Project Updates

Kenya Geothermal Prospect

On March 23, 2011, Kenya Ministry of Energy issued a letter to WalAm granting approval to negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement (‘PPA’) with The Kenya Power and Lighting Company for its Kenya Suswa Geothermal project development. Discussions are anticipated to commence mid to late October 2011, and be finalized thereafter.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (‘ESIA’) review has been completed and no adverse impacts to prevent development are noted within the report. This report was submitted to the Kenya Ministry of Energy on November 4, 2011. No adverse comments received.

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The renewable energy sector is growing to accommodate the expanding energy needs of the future. Find out more about advantages and methods of harnessing geothermal, run-of-the-river and wind energy. GO!

WalAm is proudly a member of the Geothermal Resources Council:

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About Renewables

Discover the value and healthy return on investment with Renewable Energy

Geothermal – harnessing the earth’s heat to create sustainable energy.

Run-of-the-River – Alternative energy that captures energy through this low impact energy source.

Wind – The clean, natural source of energy all across the world.


Geothermal occupies .3% of the worldwide energy use and is used in over 70 countries. Approximately 11 GW of electricity is generated worldwide.

Run-of-the-River and hydroelectric power produces 20% of the world’s energy. Current capacity is estimated at over 860 GW, the majority from large plants and the remainder from smaller installations.

Wind Power - Worldwide wind farm capacity reaches about 215,000 MW, representing an increase of 23 percent during the year and wind power supplied some 3% of global electricity demand.

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