Run of River Project


Run of the River Project

Run of the River power generation utilizes the energy of a flowing river. Unlike conventional hydropower, a large reservoir is not utilized in ROTR power generation, and therefore has significantly less impact on the stream and aquatic habitat. Hydropower and Run of the River is one of the least costly forms of renewable energy, and can be used for baseload power for smaller community needs as well as feeding into the regional grid.

British Columbia

Walam has great potential in Canada, as well as internationally. As part of our portfolio of projects, we are currently assessing Run-of the River projects on the BC mainland coast. Pre-feasibility studies have been completed. In addition, other BC projects hold potential for Geothermal and Wind power projects.


A Run-of-the-river hydro project has been identified by WalAm. Land approval from the District have been obtained. No objection for development has been obtained from both the Ministry of Energy & Mines as well as TANESCO. The existing feasibility study will be updated to commence the development process.

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Run of River

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