Geothermal Project

East Africa - Kenya Suswa Geothermal Project

The Suswa geothermal concession was granted to WalAm Energy Inc. (WalAm) in September 2007 by the Kenya Ministry of Energy. The initial surface exploration has been completed and WalAm is ready to submit the ESIA report to NEMA for approval. The permitting process is underway. The electricity produced from the steam will be delivered into the existing Kenyan grid which is only 7 kms from the geothermal field and runs along the north-eastern boundary of WalAm’s Suswa concession.

WalAm’s Suswa Geothermal Concession resource was independently evaluated by GeothermEx Inc, an internationally recognized geothermal consulting firm with over 40 years of experience. Their resource evaluation study concluded that there is a 90% probability of a minimum of 75 Mwe and a 50% probability of 190 Mwe of resource present within the concession.

WalAm’s Suswa geothermal concession is located 25 km south of Kenya’s existing Olkaria geothermal complex consisting of Olkaria I, II and III, which provides the country with 26% of its electricity needs. The first 35 MW plant was commissioned in 1984. Demand for electricity far outstrips supply in Kenya and the government of Kenya is striving to replace high cost emergency diesel electrical generation and drought depleted hydro dams with reliable and renewable geothermal production.

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Harnessing Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power could theoretically satisfy all of Kenya's energy needs.

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